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15th Nov 2019
Some pointers on how to stay Creative

Stay Creative

Being in the Design space means constantly being challenged. Challenged with your ideas, your solutions. We are essentially Solution Creators. For your problems, for our own. Yes, believe it or not, not every logo gets the thumbs up. Not every […]
15th Aug 2019
Watch out for Bad Design

Somehow You hired A bad Graphic Designer

Have you done your research? As a creative, it seems like the Market (I’m looking at you Facebook groups and Marketplace) is “trying” to determine what prices should be asked when it comes to marketing and design. And it could […]
16th Jul 2019
We design these kind of things

What can you design

I am often asked: So what do you design? We generally think LOGO – when we hear the word design. So i am trying to create a summarized list which I will be updating ever so often as something comes […]
14th Jun 2019
Email Signature

Marketing and The Importance of a Clickable Email Signature

Aaaah yes, the age old saying: “The best things in life are free”. Which for the most part, in my own experience, I do agree with. That feeling of removing your shoes after a long day’s work, or pulling out […]
29th May 2019
Grow your Facebook Page

Make Facebook Marketing Count

Don’t even. You and I both know things were getting weird when your 67 year old Mom joined Facebook, followed by your 95 Year old Gran. So, it’s safe to say almost everybody and anybody is hanging out on Facebook. […]
14th May 2019
Menu Design

Menu Design

Does your Menu Design really matter? It’s a pretty straightforward question. Essentially you want to eat right? You don’t care about the fonts and the colours – okay maybe some of the food pics will have an influence on what […]
13th May 2019
Designer Needed Promo

Hourly / Package or Flat Rate? How to choose!

It’s those Questions we all struggle with as new entrepreneurs. When branding, what do you brand? What should you get designed and what will have the most impact on your business? And how much should you get done? I often come […]