Helene Haarhoff - Designer Needed
8th Jul 2021
6 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Blog

6 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Blog

As a small business owner, you may wonder if it’s worth the time and effort to maintain a blog on your website. You’re not a blogger, so why do you […]
10th Jun 2021
How to set yourself apart from your competitors

How to Set Yourself Apart from your Competitors

No matter what industry you are in, your business will have competitors. Your business success relies on your ability to set yourself apart from the pack to gain customers who […]
29th Apr 2021
9 Things you need on your Speaker Sheet

9 Things you NEED on your Speaker Sheet

We’ve recently been helping a lot of clients who are keynote speakers with their speaker sheets and have decided to share some best practices with you – you’re welcome 🙂 […]
7th Jan 2021
5 Design Tips to make your CV stand out

5 Design Tips to make your CV stand out

Happy 2021! A new year brings new beginnings, and for some of you that might mean a career change or job search. That’s why we thought we’d share some useful […]
26th Nov 2020
10 must-haves for your home page

10 Must-Haves for your Home Page

Your home page is the first thing people will see when visiting your website. Its main goal is to encourage your visitors to interact with the rest of your site, […]
12th Oct 2020
4 ways to ensure brand consistency on social media

4 Ways to ensure brand consistency on social media

Social media marketing is great – it’s cost efficient, easy, and engaging. That’s why MOST businesses are on social media.  Every day there are thousands of posts, all vying for […]
2nd Sep 2020

10 Ways to get your Wine Farm or Restaurant to stand out

We love supporting local and this includes wine farms and restaurants! Today we’re sharing some ideas around marketing specifically for these industries who’ve been hit hard by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  […]
4th Aug 2020
9 Tips for your OHS website

9 Tips for your OHS website

Designer Needed has gained several Occupational Health and Safety providers as clients, and so we thought it might be useful to share some ideas around OHS websites. These tips can […]
9th Jul 2020
10 Software Solutions to make your life easier.

10 Software Solutions That Make Your Life Easier

Owning and operating a small business forces you to wear different hats all the time.  Today you are the salesperson, tomorrow the marketer and next week the graphic designer!  We […]